Monday 20 May 2013

Stitching News

Not quite tooting time for Jolly Jo but we can OOOOH and WOW all the same. This is one massive, very heavy and deliciously wintry quilt. Both Jolly Jo and Sporty Sue had to climb up onto the car park wall while I stood well back to get the whole quilt in shot. It only needs binding to be made and stitched on... about 200 miles should do it!
Julie finished the top of her Chrisstmassy Railfence table runner. She actually made two but with the stripes in a slightly different order. Next time Julie comes, we will be making sandwiches.
Brenda Barbara's beautiful table topper. She stitched on a 2" strip of the minty green for an inner border and that will be framed with a wider turquoisey-blue border, to get it wide enough to look very posh on Brenda's table... absolutely stunning!!! 
Joan The Shop is thoroughly enjoying making her Sampler Blocks. It's quite a challenge making sampler quilts with Layer Cakes as you basically only have a 10" square of fabric to work with... which reminds me...
I finished My Layer Cake Challenge Quilt and forgot to show you, next time maybe.

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