Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stitching News

Lady Judith continued making the various sized Stargazy Daisiez blocks.  She needs lots as the quilt will be double bed size. It's going to be quite beautiful and will be gifted at an upcoming wedding... if all goes to plan that is.
PM Pam spent her day working on blocks for the Snowman Collector quilt.  We were chatting and wondering why we don't get bored stitching round little shapes, given that it's quite a mundane looking thing to do... in reality though... it's quite the opposite, a very calming and satisfying thing to do.
Karen finished piecing her exquisite Railfence table runner centre and, as you can see, added fabulous borders with perfect fabrics. I purchased the full range of Moda's Colour Weave fabrics recently and they're proving to be a perfect addition to many projects.
New Nurse, AnnBacan was able to grab a moment from her wifely duty of  Hubby Carer to visit and show us her latest finish... new hips are great but they don't half mess about with quilting fun... ha! Toot Toot Toot AnnBacan, every stitchy minute counts!

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