Tuesday 30 July 2013

Beginner Progress

Susan finished her lovely table runner and pieced a great backing for it.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time to make a sandwich...
Oh boy those minutes passed quickly... all day long
Same for Audrey, both borders added...
One finished table runner top, plus one pieced backing,
wadding to fit perfectly, but we simply ran out if time.
Lyn finished stitching her blocks together,
carefully and very accurately... just as she wanted them to be.
She just had enough time to stitch on her inner border.
The outer border will be red with gold snowflakes... next time though.
Sheila made a very long table runner, she had doubled up as homework!
Most of the borders were stitched on
so we'll be making a looooong sandwich next time.
On another table there were large quilts being quilted... they kept the ladies nice and warm!!! he he he There were blocks being trimmed and applique being stitched... There were more beginner progress pictures I could have taken... but there wasn't time even to remember the camera...
 never mind pressing the 'Take a picture' button! he he he

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