Thursday 4 July 2013

stitching News

After much prrresing and smoothing, taping and pinning...  Jean Bean had a very pretty sandwich to take home. The quilting design wasn't totally decided but there was definitly talk of free-motion patterns... We will have to wait to see what Jean Bean decides to do.
Barbie came to use our tables, with larger quits it's much easier to make sandwiches at the village hall... As you can see, two million pins later... this one is good and ready for quilting now... that should keep Barbie busy for an hour or two. She already started piecing and appliquéing her next quilt too.

Helen is working on a commission quilt. She's spent loads of time cutting all the pieces she needs for about 90 blocks and will be making them in little groups as she loves to chain piece. She's extremely happy with her perfect piecing... and who can blame her!

My Wife Beth has this little message stuck to her little sewing machine...
"Take Your Time!!!
Rushing = Unpicking!
A good message for us all!

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