Monday, 21 October 2013

PM Pam Finished More Projects

Toot toot toot... a  fanfare for finished projects...
PM Pam finished two more of her beautiful little festive projects... The Foldy Fun Christmas Ornament, which she started only last week in Jenny's workshop... look at that lovely little fancy tree pot. It's a real mini quilt by it's very own self! The embellishments are quite lovely, a perfect finishing touch...
... and the ever so popular Hexagon Tree, also the result of a workshop that was tutored by our lovely Jenny Barlaston.

Hexagon projects are so 'IN' right now... seems everyone is making hexagons of all sizes... I have a good selection of the pre-cut papers in my shop... I know you can draw them and cut them out for your very own self, I have lots of templates too... and I am aware most of you do it that way... but when you  could skip that paper preparing part and can get straight to the stitching fun... oooooh the temptation!!

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