Friday, 4 October 2013

Stitching News

Rose finished the main part of her fabulous quilt top. It's a Jelly Roll pattern, from one of the books... I have so many in my very own shop that I forget which patterns are in each... no matter, they are all quite brilliant and very clever... Rose has made quite a few now and they all turn out beautifully.
I think this pattern is called Knickerbockerglory, you can see why can't you?
New Sue made this lovely little kiddy snuggle (quilt but I didn't say that!) Sue knew what colour her baby was... so she was safe to go blue! very cute indeed.
Lovely Lyn started a new project. I'm guessing it is another kiddy snuggle (remember that's just become the secret code for kiddy quilt)
These photos were taken on Tuesday... I'm having an extremely busy week, not just with my very own shop... home is hectic too... not that I needed to tell you but from your emails there's a little worry happening... don't please... I'm just time short and something had to give... more later... hopefully!

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