Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sandwiches Galore

Bloomin-ink did we make a lot of sandwiched at Caverswall Village Hall yesterday. Our Quilt Cave is brilliant for making sandwiches, tables galore and helpers on hand... I always take rolls of wadding and often a choice of brands, especially if you request your favourite. I din't get a picture for every one done but you can see they were plentiful and all sizes were pulled, pasted and pinned... 
Lovely Lyn's, number one
Lovely Lyn's, number two
Lovely Lyn's, number three
Michelle My Belle's... King Size
Joan The Shop's, festive
My Wife Beth's,
not strictly a sandwich here but it was later on
Chatty Cathy's fabulous FINISHED sandwich, now it's a quilt...
She just needs to bind it and, after the making of this beauty... that's the easy bit! 
Chatty Cathy's brilliant backing... what a job, but worth it now.
I think it will be the same next week too... seems everyone has come to the sandwich stage at the very same time eh!

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