Friday 1 November 2013

Stitching News...

Wendy decided that she needed to do something that needed very little thought... she was in a chatty mood and knew she would get distracted... how very sensible. These string blocks ave been exciting Wendy for weeks, since the September SPQ actually... all coming along nicely!
Little Annette has a few quilts on the go, WIP's... Works In Progress
This one, the ten minute block, had all the borders on and was ready for the sandwich treatment by our days end.
Michelle My Belle aches all over now... after two full days of quilting this huge and beautiful quilt all her bones and muscles need a day off.
"No pain... No gain... isn't that the saying!! Come on Michele.. you can do it!
Di Butterfly saw the festive bags that were made up by My Mum Gwynneth and decided that she needed to make six of them... craftily she's quilting them all at the very same time to keep thread colour changing to a minimum... they were all about to get their green bits done.
We're having a new wave of beginners joining us... I have to admit that it's getting rather tricky to fit them into our schedule now... our beginners get instantly addicted and continue coming for stitchy fun long after completing their beginner Rail Fence Table Runners...
I might have to start working night shifts too!

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