Saturday 2 November 2013

Sheila's Banner

Wow.... with only an idea, Sheila chatted to my Lilly who sketched a prototype for Sheila's approval. Lilly then drew the banner with much more detail, passed it on to Sheila who then made this fabulous banner. It's a commission quilt and I can vouch for the hours, hours and more hours it's had spent on it... what a result though??
Sheila pieced, appliquéd and embellished and quilted the centre picture, set it to one side then made the border. Hand appliqué this time, every tiny detail on the roses has been stitched. Lightly machine embroidered leaves, machine appliqué and hand embroidered letters too.
Then the centre panel was stitched into place... we saw it all come together and the result is amazing. Just a gun metal grey binding to be added and it can go off to it's new owners... boy will they be impressed!

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