Saturday, 9 November 2013

Stitching News

Peggy was delighted to have finished the top of her baby play mat... trimmed with pinks for gifting to a little baby girl. It's made with one of the packs made up by my very own self. Each square is 6" cut and there are 30 in each pack... every one is different fabric, Ideal for Eye Spy quilts.
Lynne Scatterpin is joining her beautiful, huge blocks together, it's very exciting watching the secondary and third-arary patterns forming (I know Mum, but I love making up new words!) Lyn is considering the apartment method for quilting this project. In this picture she's auditioning inner border fabrics.
Michelle My Belle has finished her stabilizing stitching, done with her walking foot to accentuate the secondary pattern lines, and maybe even the third-arary ones, who knows! There will be lots of lovely free motion quilting too... I hope you can see it?
We had a few new ladies join us this week, none are beginners but they wanted to play with us all the same... it's fun in my little quilt shop you know! Anyway... this lady, Jeanette had been a quilter for years and had to give up because she hand stitched but couldn't with poorly hands... Our wonderful NHS have sorted her out now so she's tootling along getting reacquainted with her hand stitching skills, very cool eh!

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