Tuesday 19 November 2013

Not Just A Blog

How lovely to hear that it's not just a blog!! he he he... seems I am part of your daily routine so I shall make the effort to get back to it... My Mum Gwynneth delivered a few photos after class yesterday so.. here goes
Bev Cynthia made this extremely cute little wall hanging from one of the Art to Heart books. She mostly was able to use scraps from her previous projects as the pieces are quite tiny... I think it requires a toot toot toot actually... it looks finished doesn't it?
Penelope Baskerville was extremely happy to have her Advent Calendar finished in good time... this one will be gifted to a very special guy... Advent Calendars are not just for kiddies... their Daddys like them too!
I'm guessing at this picture... I think it belongs to PM Pam and it looks like she's making a Snowman gift bag but adding a few fabrics from her stash to make it a little bit bigger.... What a great way to give a gift, beats paper eh!
Christabelle must have finished her kiddy play mat quilt... the cutest fabrics, all available in My Very Own Patchwork And Quilting Shop... even though I am not able to be there!... could it be that she joined all the little bits together to make that stripy binding... it looks great doesn't it, what a lot of work.
This is Lady Judith's Pineapple Blossom... one of my all time favourite patterns to make and it's free from www.Quiltville.com ... oh how I am missing watching these projects come together... blue sashing Judith? Loving that!
AnnBacan has quilted her little Advent Calendar pockets... every one has tiny detail outline stitched with metallic thread... lovely.
Christabelle's, I'm sure... looks like she finished making the top of her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt.. what a stunning quilt it is too...
Gosh, I feel like I just sat an exam... testing my knowledge of what the ladies are working on. I had been allowed to pop in to my shop during the morning, just to croak 'Hello Ladies' so I did have a quick little look-y around...

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