Sunday 24 November 2013

Stitching News

Jeannette came to play. She's been learning her patchwork and quilting skills with Jenny Rayment on a TV shopping channel. This fabulous sampler is Jeannette's second quilt and will be finished just in time for the upcoming sewing prevention season!
This is another of Jeannette's ongoing projects. It's a Lone Star and the pattern's in one of the Jelly Roll books... you can just see it there at the top of the picture. Considering Jeannette is new to quilting, she's got a lot of PhD's and a long list of 'want to makes'... Yiiieeeehaaaa for the quilting addiction! Tis quite wonderful!
Jeanette is Jeannette's Mother-In-Law. She had been a quilter for hundreds of years. Sadly, poorly hands had forced her to stop stitching... she did all of her work by hand so she had no choice really... she gave away all of her bits and bobs, equipment and fabrics, how distressing! She's been operated on now, hands work... and watching Jeannette enjoy her new addiction Jeanette wanted it again for herself... so she did and she is! The recovering quilt-a-holic fell off the wagon!! Wooohoooo for the powers of our wonderful addiction.
Barbara BB is back... Poorly hands indeed, she offered her hands to a dog for his lunch a few weeks ago, not on purpose of course, and had to be operated on. How lovely to have her, once again, stitching with us. She's working on an Advent Calendar panel, no pressure Barb, but it's December next week!
Sheila had decided to use up this Charm pack and to make a table runner with a matching, smaller mat. It's going to be quilted with a decorative stitch... we love using our fancy stitches... We love variegated thread too, don't you?
Brenda Barbara's second Quick Table Topper, just one more to go. They make such lovely gifts and are quite quick to make, usually... one hour is just enough... if your not stitching with quilty chums that is... then they take a little longer with that scenario!

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Dottymo said...

Beautiful quilt. When is the sewing prevention season, appear to have missed it.