Thursday 21 November 2013

Photo's By Jean Bean

Thank You for taking the photos Jean Bean, what would we do without you!
Princess Jackie finished and sandwiched this cute-tty cute little kiddy play mat. Everyone's response is about the same when they see what those little ducklings are up to... different lengths of the "ooooooh" and "ahhhhhhhhhhh" sound...
Jean Bean is working on the quilting of this lovely commission quilt... I'm afraid it's been a little delayed with Jean stepping in to cover for my little forced holiday. Lots of stitching has been done though, I can see by all those ends waiting to be tied.
Kate must be having a baby boom in her life... I think this quilt is her fifth or sixth recently. Thank goodness I cut up all those 6" square packs... making it super easy to keep up quilt making with the baby production!!
My Wife Beth added a few extra fabrics to this printed panel to make it the size she wanted... we always encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self) it can keep someone's legs warm now.
Little Annette finished quilting her fabulous kiddy play mat and asked for help with borders... a little misunderstanding had her adding a strip of border fabric when what she really wanted was Binding... thank goodness for quilt fudge! 
My Mum Gwynneth has been wanting to make an Attic Window quilt for a long time. She purchased this fishy panel at the NEC quilt show in August knowing exactly what she was going to do with it... Stunning result isn't it!
I believe this is Wendy's table at Caverswall Quilt Cave... Paper piecing evidence is visible along with beautiful fabric... I do declare that those fabrics are availabubble in a lovely little quilt shop in Cheadle, number 3 Queen Street... ST10 1BQ! he he he
Irene made a sandwich... a huge one by the looks of it. The Log Cabin blocks are always a favourite with us... great colours Irene. She's going to quilt this lovely project all by her very own self... that's what she told My Mum Gwynneth!
Jenniflower made a sandwich too, what a beautiful quilt this is with lovely secondary designs popping up. The main fabric, used in the borders is Art Gallery... the most beautiful silky soft fabrics... they're great for dressmaking and they 'hang' beautifully. Jenniflower's quilt is a large one and she too will be quilting it all by her very own self... 
It looks like the ladies had a great day. A full report from My Mum Gwynneth leads to the same conclusion... we are so very lucky to have a great village hall full of lovely ladies who all love quilting together. More fun will be had next week, we can be sure of that!

There are only two more meetings left this year if you want to come to play... WOW... reality hits! 28th of November and 5th of December. Oh, there's a secret meeting on the 11th December but that's for our Traditional Christmas Party... and you have to be 'specially invited to that doo!

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