Saturday, 13 December 2014

Covering Books

There are lots of gifts being made in the various classes. One of the lovely things about stitching in company is that you get to share ideas and pinch ideas, ha ha ha... it's all allowed in my very own classroom. Jenny Barlaston has been making covered books for many years, they are great little fundraisers for school sales. This year Jenny excelled herself and made some of the most beautiful book covers... applique and fancy stitches, embellished and all... I can't show them though as they are secret gifts
Maid Marion had a private little tutorial with Jenny and made these stripy book covers, with fancy stitches to embellish them

Lick-etty-split... My Mum Gwynneth went through the door, purse in hand... she came back with several books and set about rooting through my very own scrap bags and everyone's wadding scraps... she's very excited about making them... more on the progress later...

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