Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Stitching News

Just Edna hasn't quite finished piecing her blocks but wanted to make a start on joining some together and, by George  she loves how it's shaping up... she soon buckled down to making more, she's feeling very inspired

Annbacan, as predicted, has a long list of people wanting her to make Coiled Fabric Pots for them... same with Ann's stockings...
These should be Ann's last few stockings... but, I'm thinking, there's time for more requests yet... but for now, they are fabulous and finished so we can toot toot toot the fanfare
Jeannette Dilly is making great progress with her Papa's Diggers appliqué blocks, she even joined some together... it's great fun and will make a large-ish quilt... Jeannette was very proud of her traffic lights.
Diane has treated her very own self to a crash course in patchwork and quilting. Three full days and homework done in between should see this brilliant beginner project finished in good time for the sewing prevention season
Wooops... right at the last minute...
Fruity Rose is making wonderful winter-y place mats... We love the Ohio Start block.... sometimes, when you are stitching in a hurry, these things happen It's easy to put right though and the star block is looking fabulous

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