Friday, 19 December 2014

Stitching News

How very exciting... Diane finished her crash-course, Railfence table runner... well, all but the hand stitching on the binding that is... but that's a job for homework and .. why would you sit hand stitching binding... 
When you could wander around in my very own shop and choose fabulous fabrics for a fabulous new project? Aren't these new fabrics just wonderful, It's a panel 'About A Boy' with some of the co-ordinators... I have them all in stock!
Can you guess what Di will be doing over the holidays?
Merrily almost finished her wall hanging, she only needed to add binding to that centre block to call it done but, as you can see... she's decided to complicate matters, in good old Merrily style... she's adding wide borders, turning it into a lap quilt/sofa throw! Thank goodness for apartment quilting.

Di Butterfly spent her morning in top gear, with full speed ahead stitching... she had started this quilt months ago but had been distracted by other, easier, projects... realising that she had made the label in advance... with the date included, 2014... Di knew that the quilt had to be finished this year... and there's not much of it left!! 
My Rebel Josie came to play... she planned to sandwich this terrific teddy quilt but had forgotten her pins... not a problem as Josie always brings more than one project to work on... you can see this teddy quilt is going to be amazing can't you... it's a Kids Quilts pattern, just one of lots I have to choose from
This is Josie's next project... A double Wedding Ring, thank goodness Jenny Barlaston was on hand to help Josie... I have never made one you see but lucky for Josie... Jenny has all the top tips.

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