Sunday 4 January 2015

Back To Normal...

Hello there... have you missed me?.. don't answer that... I might not like the response... he he he
Well... what is normal?
I probably should say Back to normal routine and, I'm thinking, that it will be a bit like being on holiday after my holiday... sewing prevention season is hard work!! It's been a lovely break though. Lots of family time and walking. I have almost finished my very orange quilt. It's a quilt-as-you-go, appartment joined project and I only need to add the double sided binding to call it finished... good progress... and I love it... It's bright, no doubting that eh... I have done a little bit of Big Stitch hand quilting on my Hexagon project... more on that later in the week, maybe.
Although my lovely shop wasn't officially open during sewing prevention season, I did advertise that I would come to any fabric emergency and I did just that... Barbie was so close to finishing her quilt top and just needed a little more fabric. to repay my generosity I was allowed to take a photo of the project to share with you... I thought you might be missing our pictures? Hasn't Barbie's Chunky Churndash turned out to be fabulous. Sandwich time now... luckily there's  sandwich making day this next Saturday so Barbie booked her slot.
Another fabric emergency was called... Poppy's Mum had enough fabric to finish her quilt top but needed more Moda Bella Solid White, colour 98 to be specific, to finish making up the back so that she could deliver her project to a Long Arm Quilter... Poppy's Mum has quilted her own quilts before and now she's trying something new... I'm sure we will get to see this lovely, funky and modern quilt when it is finished... won't we Poppy's Mum?.. you know we will all be waiting now that I mentioned it... ha!

So, that's it then... back to normal routine it is... see you tomorrow?

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