Wednesday 21 January 2015

Stitching News

What a brilliant idea!! PM Pam made this quilted game...
The counters, Draughts, could have been made out of fabric circles too but helpful Mr. Wood Guy made these, Lick-etty-split. Pam even made a matching draw-string bag to store everything in. Toot toot toot Pam, fabulous, finished and functional!
PM Pam has a baby due. There's a lot of that lately... funny how we quilters get this news a lot more often than we did before we were stitching up fabulous projects eh? This isn't a finished quilt yet, as you can see, there's still a hand stitching to be done on the binding... but this baby arrived on Sunday so there's not going to be time for Pam to bring it back for one of our finished and fabulous fanfares.
We have a new lady, Clare. She's cutting up shirts to make two memory quilts. A lot of different striped fabrics to cut squares from... which can be tricky if that sort of thing bothers you... some of us have to avoid stripes eh! There's some great colour combinations to play with too... more as it happens. 
Fruity Rose is making good and steady progress with her matching table mat set. One finished, one needing a little more hand stitching to be done and one she's just finished stitching the binding on by machine... so, three different stages here. Rose has the others to sandwich and quilt.. and there's 337 days to go!!! How very dare I remind us of that... he he he
Just Jan finished all three of her Twister Hearts, looking fabulous.
She's playing with setting ideas now, you won't believe how long it took us to work out how to make those three red Twisty bits!! The method is, we figured out... one starter square per twisty bit! very technical eh.
Giggly Gillian has been asked to make a baby play mat (quilt) The Kids Quilts patterns are fun to make... so much so that Gillian is already doubting that she will be able to part with this quilt once it's finished!
Jean Bean is making steady progress with her Jean's Day Out In The Park quilt. It's based on Judy Martin's 'Shakespeare In The Park'... but, you know Jean Bean... why take the easy route? There's been a lot of cutting done so far... a very important process if you want you blocks to be perfectly pieced. 
New Sue finished all six of her blocks just in time for spreading them out to see how it will look... and for me to get a photo for you. It's a rather stunning quit, though Sue would not recommend it for anyone just starting out on their quilting journey. ha ha ha

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