Monday 19 January 2015

Stitching News

Barbie finished her Chunky Churndash marathon... she's really enjoyed working against the clock on this quilt... can you believe that she hand stitched the whole way around the binding in less than one class? Toot toot toot Barbie, a fabulous finish.

Auntie June has decided to return to her first project and to get it finished ready for gifting. June learned a lot about tricky fabrics, rotary cutting, accuracy and unpicking whilst making this quilt top... she's much more experienced now!
Kate continued to make Flying Geese units for her border stars. Goodness knows exactly how many she's made so far but they will all be worth it, they're making those fabulous stars for the borders.

Mystery Margaret is using up her left over fabrics to make co-ordinating cushions for her large bed quilt. The back is ready so there's a sandwich to be made. Margaret thinks she will pop over to a Caverswall Quilters day to make it, there are loads of tables available to use there.

Kate's Lynda worked on a few different projects... seems like it was a different one each time I looked actually. The last part of Friday Quilt Club was given to this rather lovely Purple Pineapple project, she made quite a few blocks too.
My Mum Gwynneth has recovered from sewing prevention season, during which she didn't sew a single stitch, and decided to start the year off by making something simple... not! A Bargello inspired project with a free pattern from t'interweb. I hope it all works out because, if it does, there might well be a workshop plan!!

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