Wednesday 14 January 2015

Stitching News

Jean Bean finished her delicious Star Gazy Dasiez!!! toot toot tootetty toot
A well deserved fanfare for a fabulous finish. There's a very long, emotional and personal story attached to this quilt that we don't need to know...
but what we do need to know is how therapeutic it can be to make quilts for others.
It's really beautiful Jean Bean.

Gail decided to go ahead and join some of her Bento Box blocks together.
There are decisions to be made yet... like what size to make, will there be borders or not... there's time to carefully think about it... but it helps a lot to see the blocks stitched together, it's looking great so far. 
Krafty Karen's been busy over sewing prevention season... but not with stitching!
 The three gifting quilts Karen finished just in the nick of time were very popular with their new owners so Karen was happy.... as she dug into her bag of projects getting ready for her class, this forgotten snowman panel quilt popped out saying...
will you please finish me before next Christmas, pleeease? ha ha ha

Last week I was helping Giggly Gillian with her curved piecing so that she could make this Drunkard's Path design. The pattern in the magazine is beautiful but the templates were "tricky tiny"... there wasn't any fabric to hold on to to achieve a seam allowance. It's figured out out now and Gillian made all of these units at home during the week. Have you tried to make/made this cushion?
Giggly Gillian packed away her Drunkard's Path blocks because she has been asked to make a baby play mat... a bit like a quilt! Gillian chose a pattern from my Kids Quilts collection selection, chose a few key fabrics and then set to, tracing off the design.

PM Pam made a sandwich, it was only a small one... This quilt will be a Draughts Board game, but, of course it will be a Draughts Quilt Game in this case, he he... I think it is called Checkers over the pond? Lady Judith got her hubby, The Wonderful Wood Guy to make the round counters... I will show you next time because I am sure we will be tooting by then.
Just Jan made this heart with the free pattern click here if you would like to make one too. Jan has actually made three hearts and they will be the main focus of a bed scarf/runner... what a great idea!
Jan's ideas for putting them together sounded great... we will see next time
Fruity Rose is determined to get all six of her festive place mats finished for next Christmas, of course she wanted them for the last one but when you work full time... sometimes it doesn't quite work out. The beauty of festive projects is that we never need to commit to which Christmas we are making things for...
There's always another one coming!

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