Thursday, 2 June 2016

Back To Normal

Well, that's that, that is it... We are back to normal from today.
What a wonderful few days I spent in Quilty Quarters... I had fun...
I hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday break?
There's another one in August and, if you would like to take note, my little shop will be closed from the Saturday, which will be the 27th August and not open again until Thursday 1st September...
I'm getting very used to these wonderful breaks, ha ha ha.
The next break though, I will be away... A wonderful Quilting Retreat again at Westhope Craft College, my new favourite place! but there are a lot of sleeps to be slept until then...
Today is the first Thursday of the month so there's an SPQ meeting tonight. The talk is about the Tent Makers Of Cairo, I bet it will be colourful and interesting.
This is a quilt made by a customer who popped into my little shop before my break, to show me her first ever quilt and to check it was good enough!!!
It was fabulous!  Lot's of people say that, it's not good enough... phooooey, if you love it, that's enough... it IS fabulous and, best of all FINISHED!!

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