Monday, 20 June 2016

Hanging Pods

Aren't they a wonderful idea... they look so lovely hanging three in a row... like in the picture.
But I made only one... you see, it took me soooo many hours to complete... I might very well not make three to hang in a row!...
Not the size I made anyway...
I decided I needed my 'Pod' to be taller, to hold the Baking Paper we use to iron our applique sticky stuff in my classroom, to keep it from escaping from the ironing station, like the poor meatball! ha ha ha
Making it taller... and using In R Form instead of wadding to keep it standing to attention, made it rather fiddly... so... Actually, I might well make three to hang in a row... if only I could only stick to the original pattern!
But I do love the taller one I made with my beautiful Batik fabric. Have you made a Hanging Pod? Was it  from this magazine... Sew, Style & Home

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