Saturday, 11 June 2016

Stitching News

Barbara BEW finished the piecing for her lovely little quilt made with Art Gallery Fabrics and Alison Glass fabric for her background, looking very modern! I love how it's turned out. As it's only a small project, Barbara was able to make a sandwich and start her quilting during class.
Brenda Barbara started a lovely new project with hand embroidery, using one of her Art to Heart books, my goodness they are full of wonderful projects... have you ever flicked through an Art To Heart book? They make you want to sew!
Art To Heart books again... Sister Susie and Fiona Too are both making these Birthday banners from the book Count On It they are great little projects.

PM Pam's been making a plethora of blocks ready to make a quilt to co-ordinate with her lovely new Dresden cushions... Pam is working through a sampler book and learning how to use her 'noggin'...

Fran Cupcake finished the tricky piecing on her lovely Vintage Journal quilt, made with a free pattern from Makower... I think Fran would happily advise that this pattern might not be great for the faint hearted!!!

This quilt was made using one of our Eye Spy quilt packs... 30 x 6 inch squares cut for you to stitch together, every fabric is different... you make it individual and unique, and any size you like, when you choose your border and backing fabrics.

Barbie arrived for class with a pile of untrimmed Pinwheel blocks in a little bit of a panic... she thought this quilt would be gifted next weekend,18th, but in July... turns out she is a month out... this quilt needs to be finished for next weekend... this one, in June!!! There're applique borders to do yet! Go Barbie!!!

Morning Judith spied a few empty tables and was able to make her quilt sandwich...
that's the best thing about smaller quilts...
they make smaller sandwiches!!

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