Sunday, 2 October 2016

Saturday Sandwiches

Princess Jackie needed to make two sandwiches during Sandwich Saturday... this particular quilt is going to be used as a floor play mat so Jackie decided to try using two layers of wadding... as we can pull it directly from the huge roll of wadding, already stuck together, we expect it will be fine. I will update you.
And this was the sandwich Jackie made next... I can't stop looking at it!! By this time PM Pam had arrived so she made a cup of tea for Jackie then proceeded to put in a few pins... that's what happens usually, we all help each other, what lovely ladies we are!!
This is PM Pam's sandwich... Jackie stayed to help Pam, which was just as well because my shop had a mad hour or two with the door bell pinging, pinging and a bit more pinging... I love it so busy... it feels like a real shop!!... but I didn't get to help Pam... not with one single pin!

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