Monday, 14 November 2016

Crown Of Thorns Block

You might well not believe me... but these two quilts are made with exactly the same pieced block... just the one... 'Crown Of Thorns' ... though these days it's probably got a few other names, that happens a lot... The quilt on the left was made with a Moda Layer Cake, shabby colours, and the blocks measure 20 inches finished. The quilt on the right is made with a Moda, Basic Grey Charm Pack... the blocks measure 7 inches... Same piecing method... Two completely different looking quilts.
You're going to be seeing a few more Crown Of Thorn block quilts... alternative colourways and different block sizes, it's just a little bit of math-emising... Ladies want to make them... all for their very own selves. How very exciting!
I really enjoyed making mine... even the quilting!
I love one block quilts that give a secondary pattern... don't you?

I had a visit from a charming, professional photographer...
What am I up to now? I told him...
 "Do not take people pictures!... My customers have my guarantee that I will never put photos of them on the internet, so you can't either..."
Then I got out my perfectly practical, pretty, purple camera and played Paparazzi!
I did ask his permission though.

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