Thursday, 24 November 2016

News From Quilty Quarters

I decided to tidy up... 
Quilty Quarters was in such a state of confusion.... real 'crushing the creative urge' mess.
There were piles of fabrics, other people's scraps, classroom and commission quilt leftovers and must haves so I'll take a bit home and It's the end of the bolt so I need it fabrics on every surface. There were unfinished workshop samples and 'How To's... I have many... "Oh that is clever... I will make a sample to see if it works' and so on... absolutely ridiculous. 
Piles of unread magazines, printed off internet patterns and general scribbled ideas on paper... just piles of it all... My fabric cupboard, when I last opened it, threatened to avalanche, so I had shut the door very quickly and jammed a box against it to stop the drift! How silly was that... It left me afraid to open the blooming doors!
So, I started with the basket cupboard... I've shown you that before... It's tidy now.
I tackled the surfaces, I sorted the avalanche cupboard. I made a huge pile of fabrics that I don't want to save any longer... they are going to be used up as soon as possible!! I made a huge pile of started projects and quilts to be quilted and then colour co-ordinated the scraps and bigger bits of 'other peoples fabric bits... and then... a few weeks later, because all this activity actually has taken about two months!! ha ha ha... not just the one day as it might be understood at this point...

On Sunday afternoon I quilted this cushion top...
Batik blocks made for the  Pineapple Blossom workshop

I quilted the two halves of this cushion back, made with the left over Bonus Half Square Triangles and 'cut too many strips' strips and put in the zip.
Is't it fabulous... you can toot if you want to! It is finished!

 This project made from workshop samples and how to's for Stargazy Daisiez.. I was hand quilting it with Big Stitch style, but I wanted it done so I free-motion finished it. Now I just need to make the back, with a zip  and that will be another cushion complete

I quilted this cushion front... Good old Railfence design...
I took a picture of the back so you would be able to see the cute quilting...

No accuracy here... every boat different
But It is DONE!!!
I know it's ugly but it will be inside the cushion.

I quilted this too... four pineapple blocks
Not very exciting but left overs used up and cushion front done.
I'm eating the Elephant, one bite at a time!!!
oh yes... I cancelled every single magazine subscription too!


Alison Humphries said...

Fabulous! When are you doing the Pineapple workshop?

AlmaRosa said...

They are gorgeous Angie! I love them!!!

Sue said...

I love them all Angie, I've cancelled my subscriptions to, a good feeling.