Thursday, 3 November 2016

Stitching News

Queen Jacquie finished this lovely kiddie play mat style, quilt top...
It's lovely, don't you think... bright and fun and neither boyish nor girlish
Perfect for those 'Guess what colour' baby projects that we need sometimes

Jacquie's quilt top was based on this quilt that I have hanging on the classroom wall.. funny though... she has no idea how hers turned out to be half the size... ha ha ha, I bet it was something to do with that dratted seam allowance... it usually is eh.

Almost tootable... but not quite yet... this is Rose's baby play mat style quilt... it's just needing the binding hand stitching at the back and Rose likes to do that while watching evening TV... can you see that Rose used the super serpentine stitch to quilt with, always a winner. I'm pretty sure this is a little girl-y project... 

Fran Cupcake never wastes a scrap of fabric... with coasters made from the left over fabrics from her making table mats... which were made from left over fabrics from the table runner... a whole set of fabulous Autumnal usefulness... Frans favourite colours and now... Toot toot toot... they make a fabulous finish and need a fanfare!

Rose swiftly moved on to quilting this next kiddie project... I am hoping that you can see that Rose chose to quilt with many hearts... all different sizes and some intertwining with others... it looks lovely and is a great way to quilt when you just don't want to follow lines.

PM Pam wanted to make a Festive Tree Skirt but didn't have a pattern..
We pondered a bit and came up with this lovely idea... it's sort of based on a Moda Bakeshop table topper but with lots of difference... well actually... it's round-ish with the same angles... it looks nothing like the Moda one! Fabric not available in my shop... before you ask... Pam went awol to purchase it.
It is a meeting of the Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters tonight. I hope we will see you there... did you know that you don't need to be a patchworker nor a quilter to come to the meetings.. it's fun to listen to the speakers anyway... but I warn you... it's a mighty powerful virus if you happen to get bitten by the bug!! ha ha ha

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