Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Stitching News

Technically, this is not a tooting quilt... it is though, fabulous and almost finished... Rose just needs to watch her TV... so that she can stitch the binding to the back... It looks like she's been very clever... making a blurred quilt takes great skill, ha ha ha Sorry about the picture folks!

OK... now, toot toot toot.... Just Edna's festive lap warmer is Fabulous and finished!!
Edna was going to hand stitch her binding at home. She wanted to make more twiddle mats really, but it's tricky finding somewhere that would love out twiddle mats now... there are so many rules and regulations preventing us from giving them to people, what a shame!... So, she stitched her binding in class instead... toot toot toot for Edna's quilt.

Don't tell Monday Sheila I told you this... it's a blunder secret! OK? just between you and I eh? Sheila's binding is a little wider than we normally use, can you see it? Silly girl was chatting away and didn't notice that she was stitching on a second round of the same border fabric... Sheila is not easily phased... she just made a different kind of binding... Oh yes... good old PMS (Pleasing My Self)

Just Edna made this wreath at home... she's done a lovely job... lots of fabrics stuffed into a polystyrene hoop, a sort of Polo. It feels so luxurious! and you know what... it is finished and fabulous! toot toot toot... this is a great idea for using up little scraps.

Monday Sheila got back to her Pineapple Blossom blocks, I am sure she had made three thousand or so of these blocks... I wonder what she's going to do with them all? I know some were made into cushions... I'll ask her next week and let you know.

Margaret forgot to bring her walking foot to class so decided not to start the Deer quilt quilting. Instead she opted for an quick little job... Makower  Festive Stocking panels are great for just that purpose... fast and easy! Especially just before embarking on the quilting on a much larger project.

Norma needs a toot toot toot fanfare... she finished her three little wall hanging quilts... Norma stitches in a Liberated style and loves every bit of it... from the designing and choosing of fabrics right through to the finish... PMS strikes again!!

Annbacan is making cushions with this, most delicious, Martha Negley fabric... Oh how I love Martha's fabrics... especially this one! But Ann and Monday Sheila purchased every last bit of it... How very mean... anyone would think that was allowed in my very own shop!!!

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