Friday, 21 April 2017

Sandwich Saturday, On A Thursday?

Yes... One of the great things about having my very own shop is that I can please my very own self what I do... As there wasn't a class on Thursday and PM Pam needed to make a quilt sandwich I decided to have a Sandwich Saturday to help Pam... she made two quilt sandwiches and eventually went home with plenty to be stitching... Do I offer wonderful customer service? Oh yes indeedy.
The trouble came when lots of other customers thought it was a Manic Monday (and my goodness do we have some Manic Mondays!) and they all came shopping on the very same day!... It's my very own fault for saying, out loud " Oh we won't be busy Pam... come on over and we'll make your sandwiches" ha!! but all was good in the end...
Here are the two quilt sandwiches Pam made... very different, in fact, from one extreme to the other in the colour department.

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