Tuesday, 28 April 2020

A Pond Of Turtles

I wrote about working to finish this Turtles quilt in Quilty Quarters a couple of weeks ago (Click here if you didn't see it) I forgot to post a Fabulous and finished picture, so there wasn't a Toot toot toot fanfare for my very own self, tisk! 
At the time we were all locked down for three weeks and I was quite content to wait to deliver My Turtle gift to our beautiful, new little man. 
Weeks have ticked by, he's growing so fast, 6 weeks already! 
There's no sign of the end of travel ban yet, don't take that wrong, I am quite happy to conform to rules for as long as it takes, so it's not a complaint...
So, on Thursday last week, I decided to parcel the Turtle Quilt up, along with a pile of 'Welcome Anders' cards still undelivered, and brave a trip to the local Post Office. Luckily for me, I was the only person in the Post Office, so that was a relief.
This special parcel arrived at Lilly's home on Saturday morning, excellent service, and at only £3.10 it was excellent value to boot.
Lilly videoed opening  the parcel for me... oh my goodness! That was such a thoughtful thing to do... I got to share the experience, as near as I could... It was wonderful... happy 'wow's', happy tears, happy, happy, happy. I loved my video. Anders and Lilly loved the Quilt... And here is the beautiful quilt  little man himself!  He looks like he is playing with the turtles in their very own pond and they all have their googly eyes on him!! Bless him xxx

Of course there has to be a label...
We will meet soon...
I hope Anders will be prepared. He'll be squished by everyone.
Weeks and weeks of saved up cuddles... arriving all at the very same time, Oh my!

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Jenny said...

Such a gorgeous quilt, and a wonderful baby too of course, looking so happy on his lovely turtle quilt!