Sunday, 26 April 2020

Stitching News

One little pooch from the Elizabeth Hartman collection of patterns. It's called Dogs in Sweaters. Fiona Too has made this design a few times for gifting cushions. Each time she has fun personalising them. This particular gifting cushion needed a more scruffy/less smooth  pooch, so hand stitched embellishing was added 

Pleased with enhanced look on the face, Fiona added stitching to the tail too... just the right effect she wanted. We can't toot toot for the fabulous and finished cushion just yet, although it only has one step to go...

The back is ready, complete with a piped covered cushion flap... But Fiona has no zip!!! What a shame, but a cushion zip is at the top of her shopping list for when we are released.
Thank you for sending the photos Fiona.

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