Saturday, 11 April 2020

Stitching News

Our Pam finished her Turtle quilt top. She even went outside to place it on her lawn to take this stylised picture for us! I bet those turtles wanted to run! ha! Thank you Pam. Like my very good self, she was very relieved to have finished blanket stitching around all those fun, googly eyes.

Christabelle continued with her Free-Motion quilting...
This is the centre part of the design, remember I explained that  will be joined apartment-ly 

This is how the back will look, no fabric changes, Chris bought the whole bolt the day it arrived in my very own (now neglected) shop, just to make sure she had enough. It shows up Christabelle's quilting really well... isn't it wonderful!

No photo description available.
Louise Merlot started this project during our recent retreat to Alison House and my goodness did she enjoy working on it... well who wouldn't... it's such a fun design. It has this wonderful centre. The pattern has lots of fun borders... as many as you like really. 
No photo description available.
Toot toot toot time now... Kate has this fabulous and finished quilt... This all started with a monotone, white and all the greys in between. It's now a bright and cheerful number with a punch... a big punch, of bright, summery Yellow

Nuttie is rather an expert with knitting and with crochet.
This is a gifting project she's working on at the moment.
Gosh how very clever! Not quilting but hey... it's crafting!
I hope you are coping and staying sane...
We are so lucky to have Quilting, Sewing and any other craft to lean on.
I can't imagine this Staying At Home malarkey without my Quilting Addiction.
Sewing is helping to cure my new cleaning virus... don't worry,  I'm recovering quite well from that beast!

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