Sunday, 5 April 2020

Stitching News

Thank you for the photos quilty ladies... I have enough for a blog post, here goes...
Norma hadn't really managed to have any time for sewing. There are little kiddos in her house so she was playing, entertaining and helping to home school. Now though, she had to be isolated in her very own 'private wing', just a precaution. In her very own private wing, she was able to sew! Every cloud eh... she's making a kiddy quilt... it looks good Norma, keep it up.

Nuttie had been inspired by the Ocean Waves quilt top that I was working on it at our last retreat. (I'm hoping it was NOT our last retreat) She's decided to make her very own Ocean Waves quilt while she's locked up (isolated)... with all these wonderful colours, I'm sure it will be fabulous. There are loads of patterns on this website, have a look... you could use up a bit of your stash.

Sister Susie's fabulous and finished autumnal table topper... Toot toot toot! It's been made with the Twister method which is very time consuming, just when you see it looking almost done, you have to cut it all up again, twist the blocks a bit then sew it all back together... sounds crackers eh? We made up the design.

Christabelle has decided to use the apartment joining method for this project, she's done it before with a huge quilt so she knows what she is letting her very own self in for. Such a beautiful block, it is an Anna Maria Horner pattern called Folk Flowers, if you fancy a go, be forewarned, it's not as easy as it looks... but it is lovely and Chris is not phased.

Rose is making a very useful and quite large tote bag.
It's standing up all by it's very own self because she used the fabulous foam stuff, In R Form. The fabric is an Art Gallery Canvas, very easy to work with.

Lynda  has been working hard, she made a production line... these are Peg Bags. She's using up her stash of fabrics to make the peg bags for a charitable sale... 
Toot toot toot toot toot toot, 6 fabulous and finished Peg Bags... 6 toots, ha!

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