Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Another fun packed and busy day in the Quilt Cave. Kettle Corner was busy all day with one quilter and another. Arty Beryl was making lots of Log Cabin blocks, she's going to piece them in 4's so that she can do quilt-as-you-go, this method is proving to be very popular with my ladies. Here she's squaring up the individual blocks.
Shirley Lerly continued quilting one of her half square triangle quilts. She's made two and some lucky pumpkin will be receiving them as gifts sometime soon....
Lizi got to play with an Aurora today, what a treat! She's done a lot of the quilting but there's still plenty to do yet....
Joan The Shop was able to make a start on her quilting, she's doing free motion because all the turning, pushing and shoving of the quilt to use a walking foot is just no good with a frozen shoulder... I'd never thought of that really... I heard Joan say that she didn't used to like the quilting part but now she quite enjoys it...brilliant news!
Irene's coming to the end of making the Log Cabin blocks, she'll soon be able to do the other blocks... ooooher, I forgot what they will be... you'll just have to wait eh....
Here we go again... Dotty started another project... by now you cannot be at all surprised by this news... She and Helen are supposed to be working on this project together... good luck keeping up Helen!
Diane has been busy quilting at home, she's just to quilt the edge triangles and this centre part will be ready. Two more thirds, the edges, will be quilted separately and joined in the apartment style... I think, Diane is considering all the alternatives first.
Wendy worked on this rather brightly coloured quilt, she has changed the pattern a little bit, to suit herself.. we love PMS Patchwork!!! (Please My Self) She described to me how the back will look and it sounds great... with fish and weeds/reeds and bubbles etc
Ruth continued with her 'stained glass' blocks... it just takes a flick of a piece to get you in a mix up... and flick she did, good job she had the paper template to refer back to... this is going to be a huge quilt by the looks of things...
My Mum (Gwynneth) continued to quilt this lovely number. She's going diagonally along the little squares with a few curves on the bigger squares, it looks great... she's getting quite adventurous now eh...
Foxy Margaret is also changing the original design a little (oh fabulous... more PMS!... and there's no arguing you know!) She was intrigued to discover how easy it is to add corner stones to a border. Now she will work on half square triangles, hundreds of them, which will be used to make this table runner into a lovely bright quilt... watch this space!
Annie Pie sandwiched this bordered fabric so that she could practice her free motion quilting. She followed the line of the trees and bushes... which is quite difficult to do... she decided that she didn't like it though... one good thing about stitching is that it doesn't have to be permanent... we all have a seam ripper!!!
Annie Pie also made a sandwich with this blue and yellow number... we still can't figure out why this block is called the "Economy Patch"?
Wendy's finished her quilt made with Civil War fabrics...She made a lovely pieced backing too... here it is.... My pictures are not brilliant, the lights in the room make the quilt and back look darker than they actually are.
Quite a long post and not everyone has been mentioned. I am quite amazed that I remember so much about each project as everyone pleases themselves and works on whatever they fancy. Today's demo was easy curved piecing... lets see if anyone decides to have a go some time soon.
We meet again in our lovely Caverswall Village Hall on Friday 4th February, 10am - 3pm.
There's usually a few tables to spare on a Friday if you fancy a luxurious day of stitchy fun... Don't forget your packed lunch now....

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