Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Gillian was delighted to be starting a new project... she decided to use up some of her fabric stash by making a scrappy quilt. After pondering over several choices she made a start on cutting 5 1/4" squares.
This is Lizzy's project, finally she is joining all the blocks together, there are quite a few important points that have to be carefully pinned, a skill that Lizzy can handle quite easily these days.... it's looking great, don't you think?
Here's Gillian's first few hour glass blocks, they'll finish at 4" each so there's plenty to keep Gillian busy for the next two weeks... The magazine you see there shows what we are aiming for... a sofa throw size though, after her last huge quilt it's time for something smaller eh.
and these blocks belong to Jenni... they are all finished now, all 24 of them, so the frames are being added. These blocks are meant to 'float' and 'float' they will....

We meet again on Tuesday March the 1st, 10am - 3pm... I bet there will be daffodils everywhere by then!

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