Monday, 21 February 2011

Quilty Quarters, Quilting

When choosing quilting designs, you need to be sure to get an equal amount of stitching over the whole project. If you have a lot of heavy quilting in some blocks and lighter quilting in others, it's a recipe for wonkiness... which is just fine if that is what you are looking for.... I was not. This quilt has light quilting in the surrounding areas (did you know that some wadding/batting allows you to quilt as far apart as 10"?) A large flowery design was just the ticket... I cut my piece of paper to the size of the block to be quilted and doodled until I was happy, then I went over and over the design with my pencil so that my brain could tell my hands what we were looking for... does that make sense? The four little holes you see in the paper are where I placed tiny pencil dots on the block to give me a guide for the inner circle... dots to aim for, no need for the whole thing to be drawn. It's safe to admit that I quilted the day away yesterday... I decided not to put the circles in the middle of the flowers as they could have made it looked puckered. Well, the weather was just horrible, perfect for retreating to my Quilty Quarters, I hope you managed to have a little stitchy time... I really enjoyed mine.

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