Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I'm going to start this post with a few 'Show & Tell' pictures.
My Mum (Gwynneth) finished the last few stitches on her binding today so, apart from making a label, this beauty is done. Time to start the next one... a 'Storm At Sea' me thinks... maybe in luscious reds?

Irene made this fabulous table runner with a Mystery Monday project from here Irene's very proud of her 'pointy points', she's used quite Christmassy fabrics so lets hope she can get it done in time... he he he... 9 months should do it, eh?
Joan The Shop has called this quilt 'My Blanket' because that's what her toddler grand daughter, Alicia, calls it... how cute. The reds and creams contrast so well with this design to give the WOW factor... don't you think?
Arty Beryl finished this quilt a few weeks ago and hung it immediately in her home... she forgot to let us see it! Luckily she remembered it today... it's one that you have to see 'in real life' there are so many details and things to look at.. wonderful.

Now back to today's stitchy business... Arty Beryl was working on another Scrappy Bargello quilt (one of my favourite designs to make... if you're interested!) you can throw just about any colour and design of fabric into these quilts and they just get better!
Wendy admits to being a little surprised with her fabric choices for this next project... she usually chooses brights, in fact, the brighter the better.... This quilt is very much influenced by Kate's quilt I hope you are reading this Kate?
Dotty Maureen's new chain project is proving to be a little tricky, not least because she ran out of one of her fabrics so she has to change the plan a little... can you see the chains starting to form?
Irene's Log Cabin blocks are all done and she's sewing them together in rows, they are set 'on point', that large print added in between is stunning and pulls the whole thing together quite brilliantly.... this is going to be a big quilt... watch this space!
Joan The Shop is using a cross-stitch pattern to make a 'trophy cup' for the back of her formula one quilt. What you see here is the cup, obviously, she's working on the podium now with a grassy background... it's going to have applique flags too... Joan says she is enjoying making this a little too much... how can that be?? how can we enjoy something toooo much? phooey!
This is only one of Maggie's blocks from her sampler quilt that she finished the centre of today , woooohooooo. Next time she'll be adding a lovely inner border, possibly in orange, then piano key border which will look fantastic and use up all the left over fabrics to boot.
Ruth, poor thing, because she's made this project with plain fabric it's almost impossible to tell which is the right way up... given the strange shapes of the bits it is sooooo important that they are pieced the right way up, just one accidental flip over and the puzzle becomes a nightmare... in fact.. Ruth suggested that she is having nightmares about the whole thing, he he he. I sorted her out and all was well in the end, but there are still bits left over???
Maid Marion finished stitching in the ditch of all but 2 blocks so now she's moving onto the borders, two straight lines using the marvelous seam guide and she'll be done and ready to do the binding. .. which is just as well because her head is already full of her next project! ha ha ha don't tell me that doesn't happen to you!!! I will NOT believe you.
We had two new ladies join us today but their project pictures are a blurry blurr so I will make an extra effort to get good ones next week..... promise.... I know they'll be back... I could feel them on the slippery slope that brings you to 'the dark side' ha ha ha
Gilly finished her 'never ending blocks' and even cut out the sashing, great... she only needs to stitch sashing, add borders, make a sandwich quilt it and finish with binding.. and it will be done, small problem.. she needs all this done by Tuesday... NEXT WEEK!!!! I know what you're thinking and I have to agree! Who needs sleep anyway!
We meet again on Friday 18th February, 10am - 3pm

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Becky said...

I LOVE the idea of using a cross-stitch pattern in quilting. All you ladies are so talented adn I'm jealous of all the fun you have. ; ) T'would be a stretch for me to get there for your meetings. I so enjoy following your blog.