Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monday Stitching

 Penelope Baskerville finished all of the free motion quilting for both the font and the back of her Mat & Ruler Bag. She doesn't get to practice any free motion quilting at home and still manages to do great quilting... She's doing quilt-as-you-go for the ruler pocket now, it's looking really good!

Cynthia finished up her lap quilt top by adding the final border strips, she's making this one for her very own self to use. Next week she'll be needing to make a sandwich so that she can get the quilting done, this quilt needs to be finished in time for the cooler weather... which starts?... right now, apparently!
 New Sue joined pieces of fabric for the backing of her quilt and made a sandwich, all by her very own self. There are only 4 tables on this side of the classroom but they were just about big enough... the other side of the classroom has more tables but they were full of quilters... laughing a lot this meeting!
Jean Bean continued piecing her most splendid Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack blocks, she needs only 2 more whole blocks then 10 triangular halves for the setting triangles... I see that is rather obvious to you... so I didn't need to say it... he he he Of course Jean will mix up the blocks better than in the photo... we were just counting.
Longport Linda is making, what she calls, 30 Minute Blocks... we almost had to sew our sides up as they were splitting... we were laughing so much... it was as Linda realised that she had cut up and used Afternoon Judith's green fabric for the Cathedral-ly Window-y bits, instead of her own... It's not funny really is it! ha ha ha, oh we found it tremendously funny.

Toot Toot Toot for PM Pam... she finished this Tumbler quilt with carefully made Faux Piped Binding which trims it off perfectly. It's quite a long quilt and no-one was tall enough to hold it up enough for a smooth picture, but I'm sure you can see how lovely it is. Pam's making 6 scatter cushions to go with this beauty. Each one will be different but using a selection of the fabrics in the quilt.

Afternoon Judith had finished her quilting so it was time to accurately trim the crusts off this baby play mat (quilt), make the binding and get it stitched into place. Trimming is a job that needs to be done precisely really otherwise the edges will be quite wavy, which is quite fine if you want your edges wavy!!!

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