Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thursday Stitching

Brenda Barbara's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks are coming along very nicely. The fabric she chose is giving her most excellent results with every block, each one very different indeed. See the background fabric... Baileys Ice Cream.. that's what it reminds Brenda Barbara of.
Ann, of Clown Quilt Fame, has started a new project. It's going to be gifted about three years from now, so there's plenty of time... which is a good job as Ann needs to make 90 of these Ohio Star blocks, all in purples and black. She's planning on a King Size quilt... lets see how she gets on.

There were more photo opportunities... if I were my boss, I might very well sack myself for not doing the most important job of all... that of picture taking so that you can all see the wonderful and inspiring things we are making, tut tut... Note to self... must try harder... you could always pop in  your very own self to see the works in progress, it's very much allowed you know!

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