Thursday 13 December 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

We had a truly great day at our Caverswall Quilt Cave Christmas Party... I very rarely put pictures of people on my blog... well, it's all about the quilts isn't it... here's a glimpse of some of our lovely ladies... can you guess who is who?
Almost 30 were able to participate in the day... what an incredible atmosphere there was... buzzing machines with lots of chatter and giggles.
 We had a special treat as this year (and definitely will again in years to come) we were catered for...  We had a delicious, very posh, salad buffet  followed by extremely delightful desserts... Thank you Rose! Of course there was more chattering as we devoured the goodies but the main sound to be heard was "hmmmm" or "Hmmm oooh hmmm" it was so delicious....
And then... we cleaned up the dishes, made a cup of tea and re-gathered to play my most favourite silly game... oh my goodness, how we laughed. It's the third time we've played this game in our Quilt Cave...  you can rest assured that the ladies have learned well how to be really ruthless... my sides still ache!

We're all done with 2012 meetings and we've decided to start our 2013 quilt meetings from February.. so our next meeting will be
Wednesday 6th February 2013. 
It seems like a long way off really, but remember, there are classes almost every day in My Very Own Classroom in My Very Own Quilt Shop!!

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