Thursday 6 December 2012

Staffordshire Patchworkers And Quilters

Thursday 6th December...
The first Thursday of the month means it's SPQ night tonight. Not only that, it's the 'Christmas Party Members Night' doo... not that you have to be any kind of special member to go... just the very fact that you turn up means that YOU are a member! How cool is that! You just pay the £4 each time you turn up... I do believe though, that as it's a party night... we don't even have to pay to play.
There's usually an abundance of mince pies... very traditional, tea and coffee and some very fruity punch. There will be traders in attendance, Angie's Very Own Patchwork and Quilting shop included.
There will be the grand revealing of the quilts made for the Chairman's Challenge... did you make something? I did... it's small, a bit of a twist and... fun! Of course it's fun... I made it... he he he
The weather man forecast snow for Staffordshire... hmmm, let's hope it stays away for our Christmas bash!

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Maggi said...

Mine's small too. Got me thermals out ready!!