Saturday 1 December 2012

Stitching News

Barbie has a little gadget, she borrowed it under the "pain of death if she loses it" contract! ha ha ha She sat making these most lovely flowers and everyone who came to my very own quilt shop on Friday was treated to a demo by Barbie... she is super impressed with her flowers now.

Posh Lizi is loving making this quilt top... inspired by a new Jelly Roll book (I will just mention that I have more of the Jelly Rolls and the books in My Very Own Quilt Shop if you feel inspired too ha ha!) This quilt won't have a border, Lizi loves it just the way it is... I'm thinking that her pile of 'sandwiches to be quilted' is growing... did you notice that too? 

Angie (Not Me) came to shop fabrics for her next project, which will be the extremely useful Mat and Ruler Bag... instructions for which are on the right side bar there... Lucky for us, Angie brought in her Railfence Table Runner quilt so we got to sound the trumpets... "toot toot toot" for her first finish and... welcome Angie Not Me... to the Dark Side!! he he he

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Pattilou said...

I saw another quilt using that tone of yellow in one your pics for the backgrounds. It looks just so pleasing, I've got "yellow" on my list to look for for a background!