Thursday 6 December 2012

Stitching News

Now... breath out! ha ha ha...
 Did you take a sharp intake and then hold your breath for a while when you saw this photo of Rose's absolutely STUNNING Bargello?? .. that's what we all did when she stood on the photo snapping step... Toot-etty toot toot Rose!!! Who would have thought  just moving strips up and down a bit could create such a design... but it does!
Toot toot tooting now for Krafty Karen's giant , not so quick, Table Topper. Karen used scrumptious batiks for this lovely quilt... can you think where she purchased them from? he he he... Someone is going to be amazed when he opens his Christmas surprise!
Giggley Gillian is going to make a Scrappy Bargello quilt and to get used to how it all works she made a cushion to be gifted to, what must be, a very special cat! Gillian is working on the real quilt now... more on that as it happens.

Jean Bean is determined to finish all of her PhD's this side of 2012. She was supposed to be hand stitching the binding on her Kaleidoscope quilt to help with the task but we found her shopping for her new project of 2013!

Lovely Lyn was adding a selection of borders to her Charm Pack quilt. Adding a 1" strip then trimming it to a half inch is a very accurate way of making a quarter inch inner border so that's what she did with the red fabric.

New Sue was very much inspired by Rose's Bargello quilt... well, who wouldn't be?
Sue cut all of the strips she needed and has this one strip set 'strata' complete and good to go... just 3 more hours of stitching long straight lines should see the 'B' strata ready too.

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