Saturday 29 December 2012

Stitching News

Just a little bit of stitching news this time as we haven't had classes for days and days and days... at least that's what it feels like... I don't call it sewing prevention season for nothing!
This quilt has been made using memorabubble fabrics, like So-n-So's shirt, skirt or dress... It's appliqued and embellished with little memories too, like birth date, time and sibling's initials. It's all hand quilted too, such a lovely memento... a brand new family heirloom?

Geoff popped in to show us that he's been stitching over the  last few days... finally he has a Mat & Ruler bag, as is becoming expected, Geoff did change the shape and syle of the bag....

And made it double sided to boot... he's running out of scraps now though...
Jenny Barlaston has managed a few hours stitching, but she stopped to realise... she  needed border fabrics... given that my very own quilt shop was open and waiting for her... this quilt will be finished in no time at all... just as well as it's a 2012 Christmas present!

I think I'm quite safe in saying... that everyone who's visited my very own quilt shop so far, loves my Christmas present!!  Woooohoooo for my Patchwork Floor Tiles!

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