Friday, 26 April 2013

An Ode To My J Team

At the recent, and most wonderful, 1 Year Anniversary celebration party for My Very Own Patchwork and Quilting Shop, we thanked the three fabulous ladies who helpfully helped during the day and very often jump to assist me in My Very Own Quilt Shop.
It gave our 'chief poet' a little idea... and I am extremely delighted to present to you...
the latest poem written by the very talented... Lovely Lyn

A  Belated Thank You to the ‘J’ Team on the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of Angie’s Shop

When there’s much to do and little time
There are folk who always shine!
The ones who stand out from the crowd
They’re always willing – never too proud
They don’t let others do the work
They buckle down and never shirk
They helped with cleaning and tidying up
They moved the chairs, they washed the cups
They stacked the shelves, they ran the shop
So that Angie’s “Birthday” was no flop
Their names are Jenny, Jean and Jo
Give them a J cloth and watch them go!
Thank you team what can we say
You served, you helped, and you made the day
Where would we be without you team?
You turned a nightmare into a dream
Of cakes and bunting all around
No sad faces were there found
So here’s to the ‘J’ Team – long may they reign
And keep poor Angie from going insane!!!

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