Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hex On The Beach...

Another delivery guy came...
Usually, it's a very exciting time when a delivery truck pulls up outside my very own quilt shop, happy, clappy, screechy, squeals of excitement-ly excitement actually... and that's only the customers! ha ha ha,... Just lately... they're pulling up almost every day, and some days more that one truck... the parcel size varies a lot, sometimes it's new books or buttons, often... very often, it's fabric.
I should confess that have officially run out of shelf space for bolts of fabric... thank goodness for my cute little, space saving trollies!
Anyway, let's think about this situation for a moment... Do you know of a quilter who would actually mind seeing a few piles of fabric with no-where to live? ha!... I thought not.
So, I have a few unruly fabrics placed here and there... I'm sure they will be snuggled up on a shelf soon enough.
Right, back to the delivery guy I mentioned in the first line of this post... I got a little sidetracked there...
Have you seen this lovely project? Hex On The Beach..Here's the link
It's a relatively new thing from Free Spirit Fabrics for Tula Pink and I now have the boxed kits available in my very own, full to bursting, Quilt Shop.
Are you wondering what's in the Hex On The Beach boxed kit?
There's a carefully written and detailed pattern, 1008 die cut fabric hexagons and 100 paper hexagon templates... enough to keep you busy on the long hot summer evenings (I know, but hope is a wonderful place!) if you're hand stitching them... there's another great thing... if you've mastered the "Y" seam, you could machine piece these little beauties because they are die cut and are super accurate.

New Christmas fabrics have been delivered too! It's a very good job I ordered a few more cute little, space saving trollies to be made by Lady Judith's hubby. 

Update... I have actually sold out of the Hex On The Beach Quilt Kits but another order should be delivered next week. You could reserve one if you like, just call or email and I will put yours on one side... Now aren't I a useful lady!

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Cathy1946 said...

They sound like just the ticket, hope you are bringing some to the quilt cave pm Wednesday.