Saturday, 27 April 2013

Stitching News With Tooting

In no particular order we shall first toot the fanfare for Morning Judith's finished quilt. The pattern is from the book, Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts, quite an excellent book actually but you don't need to use a Jelly Roll should you not want to. Like Judith, you could cut your excess fabrics into the right sized strips... 
What a fabulous quilt Judith made... toot tootety toot !
Merrily finished her quilt, Toot toot toot...
Now this one is a little different... No book with a pattern for Merrily.
A picture, that's all... the rest has been made up. It's actually a large pocket and there are ties at the bottom. Merrily is having a piece of wood cut to size and this quilted pocket will slip, very cleverly over the top making a rather stunning bed head.
 What a fabulous idea!

Sheila has finished, for now, making the Mile-a-Minute blocks and she's joined them together. There's going to be a sort of hand dyed green inner border... I think you can just about see that, followed by more scraps, maybe... a kilometre per hour? Don't worry... I will get a picture soon.

Michelle My Belle finished her centre quilting at home and a few more minutes were needed to make ribboned border stitching. Binding was made and almost stitched on. This quilt most probably won't be finished for a couple of weeks.... Belle will be off on her jolly holidays.

Lynn Scatterpin finished adding her two border strips, made a sandwich and prepared to start quilting. Alas she has a machine that wouldn't play with any of my walking feet so, a little time was taken up. We did thread up a Juki 210 so at least she had a go.
Good old internet will help Lynn find the right walking foot.

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