Friday, 5 April 2013

Tooting For Jean Bean

What a wonderful way to start a three day working week!!! First through the door of my very own quilt shop in the morning was... actually, first was me myself, obviously! ha! next was My Mum Gwynneth who helps me give you great service on Thursdays, thank you Mummy!
First customer through my very own door, was our very own, Jean Bean... beaming with pride, delight and excitement. She had finished her Bargello Garden Quilt... she started it at the recent workshop... 
Ta dah... up on the photo step for a moment or two because you really needed to see this...
Feeling fed up of these cold cold dreary days?
I'm sure your mood can't fail to be very much brighter after seeing Jean Bean's, ultra bright quilt?  I bet you are smiling !
Juuuust in case you were in any doubt,
there's another super splash of sunlight on the back
P-POW!!! he he he
I hope you can see that Jean Bean has practised PMS (Pleasing My Self) she Free Motion quilted lots of designs following the curves up and down, a lot of work and super achy shoulders but worth it!
Toot Toot Tot Jean Bean!

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