Monday, 1 April 2013

Quilt Club Stitching News

We should start by loudly tooting Sporty Sue finished play mat (translation = kiddy quilt)Very very pretty it is too. Stitched with a fancy wiggley design! Most of the fabrics were purchased in my very own quilt shop... I didn't think I had enough fabrics for a pastel quilt but "hey... I DO!"
Barbie has been stitching 24/7. Determined to go on her upcoming holiday with gifts for everyone, she needs 3 more quilts finished in less than three weeks. The quilting on this Bargello was finished, she trimmed and binding was stitched on, hand stitching can be done at home... so Barbie moved on to quilt number 2... out of breath just thinking about it.
Who needs sleep anyway... as my uncle says...
"You're a long time looking at that lid!"
Helen's very own design gifting quilt grows many inches every week, and it's another 2 borders to go! The next round will be the plain beige Helen used for the coping strips followed by Piano Keys... it might stop there? 3 Moda Jelly Rolls so far.
We found Gail!!! She's been on holidays for ever... It felt like months had passed by without seeing her, it was only 4 weeks actually, it's lovely to have her back and working on her fabulous Log Cabin blocks. We played with settings... Gail thinks she's going to use this one.

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Stephanie said...

I love the wiggly stitching on Sue's quilt, I might give that a go :-)