Sunday 31 March 2013

Holiday Stitching?

Four whole days of not needing to go to my very own quilt shop. There's sort of a plan to finish a quilt I've been working on for too long... looking at one side of Quilty Quarters though... it looks like there's some serious tidying up needed before I can play... Can you even remember 'Quilty Quarters'? It's been so long since any blog post included my own stitching...
I have absolutely no idea how the pile of new Art Gallery fabrics got to be on top of all the "Count On It" calendar number mini quilts on top of the ironing board storage unit!
Bernina is on the cutting table because I've been quilting on the Juki beast.
The iron is up there because it no longer fits on the ironing board storage unit!
There's a reason your're not being shown the other side of Quilty Quarters too... it's dangerously close to avalanche status over there! he he
 But first I have a spare room with so many quilts thrown into it that no-one can actually walk on the floor... I've done a few evening quilt talks for WI and ladies groups recently and arriving home late leads to me " storing" quilts without sorting!... so foldy-foldying, tidy-tidying must be done first... chores are more fun when the involve quilts though eh!

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Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Love that description..... ironing board storage unit! have to remember that one! it's the same in my sewing room, tidy first.... then sew!

Happy Easter,